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Microsoft Interview

Who would have thought, i would get a call from Microsoft. But one fine day in October, my phone rings when i am driving to work at about 8:25am CST. Voice on the other end identifies himself and says he is calling from MSN. The word “MSN” shocked me and while he was giving me his introduction, i told him, i am driving right now and i will be pulling over shortly. Once i took the exit and pulled into a parking lot, he explained me the position of Quick Launch Marketing Analyst (QMA) and asked me some basic questions. While he was asking questions, i could not believe MSN is calling me and inquiring about my background in search industry. After the phone call was over, we set up the day and time for the first phone screen. Right after the conversation was over, i was overwhelmed by what had just happened. I could not contain myself, i wanted to get out of my car and jump around. After getting hold of myself in few moments, i continue my way to my work, with lots of thoughts going through my mind.

1st Phone Interview (phone screen): Before the day of the phone interview, i forwarded a fresh copy of my resume to the recruiter and made certain that this wasn’t a interview which involved technical questions. On the day of the interview, I left my work few mins early for lunch and got into my car and drop myself to a quite place in the company’s parking lot. I set there, ready to go with my handsfree and my car off and with a pen and a notepad. Time is 11:55am, i still have 5 mins. I calm myself down and i was prepared for questions. Clock ticked to 12:00pm and my phone rings. I said to myself, impressive. Recruiter was friendly and he laid out the plan of what is going to happen in this 45 minute interview, which gave me a good understanding of what to expect. After almost 40 mintues, it was over. Just like that. He informed me that, he will forward the notes to the headquarters and if they like my responses, they will set up the second phone interview. I thanked him for his time and went back to work with satisfaction that i did well.

2nd Phone Interview: Apparantly they liked my responses and second phone interview was set up with an actual person from Microsoft. I decided to do this interview after i get off work at 6pm. Again, on the day of the interview, i got into my car and went to the quietest place i could find in back of the company parking lot and waited for the call. Again, the time came and it was 6pm and right on the dot, my phone rang (impressive). I was really nervous about this interview for some reason. Interview started, i think i messed up couple of times in answering questions, i kept repeating myself and went blank couple of times. Interview was supposed to be 45 minutes and got over in 20 mintues. After interview was over, i thought to myself, i just ruined it. I messed it up, i just ruined my career single handely in just few minutes, just like that. I just messed up on an opportunity of a life time. On the way home, some watery substance came from my eyes and i was just upset for the rest of the evening.

The next day i emailed the recruiter for her time and i also emailed the first recruiter informing him of the progress. And how interview which was scheduled for 45 mintues got over in 20 minutes. I didn’t expect to hear back from Microsoft after second interview, because i believed i really had messed up. But to my amazement, after few days, i was invited to go to Redmond, Washington for a face to face interview. Can you believe that?

Face to face interview preparations: The first interview had set up the date and time two days before i were to leave for the interview, so he can give me some tips. He told me to know my resume inside out and know the position well. He also gave me lots of tips which are just common knowledge, like even thought Microsoft is laid back company, you should wear a suit since its a marketing position, and be relaxed and be calm etc. However, one advice that stuck with me was, when he said, don’t think ahead of time. Don’t think like what will happen if i get into Microsoft and such. You are not “in” yet, so take it a day at a time and most importantly enjoy the interview process. Even though the tips he provided were pretty simple and common knowledge, they proved to be really really helpful.

Going to Seattle: Going to seattle was an amazing feeling. But the flight from Dallas to Seattle is 5 hours, but i am not complaining πŸ™‚ Everything was paid for, room was reserved for me at a great hotel. I arriaved at the hotel and there was a message a waiting for me. Message said, to arrive for the interview at 7:30am and not 8am. Which was not a problem for me. I had dinner and prepared myself for the may be the biggest day of my carrer.

On The Day: I woke up at 5:45am, got ready, had a continental breakfast, got a cab and to go to Building C. It was raining a little bit and i was hoping that cab driver knew where he was going. And than i saw the sign which says “Microsoft”, and i said to myself, phewwww, he did know where he was going. I entered the Building C at about 7:05am and just waited and not let the reality of me being at big Microsoft get to me. At approximately 7:30am, a recruiter came and he told me about how the day was going to go. He said, i am going to meet at least 4-6 people for the QMA position and he took me to the third floor and showed me a conference room and said, this is going to be your home for the next 5-6 hours. Each interview was going to be held for about 45 minutes, 15 minutes break following it. Lunch was at 11:30am and it was to last for 30 minutes. At around 7:45am, it beings. I am not sure if i should detail out the interview process, so i am just going to fast forward to last interview. Last interviewer i thought was the best one. All the interviews got done at about 2:00pm. I was told that usually they will take you to show you around the campus but i was not fortunate enough, because again, it was raining. But i did get to see the cafeteria from the window and was told that on good days, you will see people outside working on their laptops because there is free wireless connection. I headed back to my hotel room thinking, i was just at Microsoft, a company that changed the way computing is done, not only in a office, not in any state, but how it is being done throughout the world. It was just an amazing feeling. I was honored that i was invited by big M for a job interview, just great. You can see the on the faces of the people walking in the hallway that they were proud to be there and were doing something useful and meaningful.

I flew back to Dallas next day and just hoped for the best. I know i did my best at the interview and i thought it went well, but of course it was not up to me and it would not matter what i thought about how the interview went. Ball was in their court now.

I waited few days and i was suppose to hear back on Tuesday, which i didn’t. I emailed the recruiter and he informed that i should hear back soon. Next day, i received a call from the recruiter, saying we thought you did very well (and that’s when i knew i didn’t get it and i was waiting for the BUT), but we are not going to offer the position to you at this moment. However, we are considering you for another position and will get back to you later in the week.

And that was that. Again, this was at 10am on wed morning. i had to go down to my car and gather myself, because i just got declined from one of the best companies. It was the chance i have been waiting for, i came soooo close to it, yet it was unreachable, i was not meant for it. I gathered myself and went back to work.

Wait, its not over yet. Later in the week, again i got the call from the recruiter, saying, they are “extermely interested” in me for the second position, Search Marketing Analyst”. This time, after getting denied the first time, i was little more cautious. We set up the time and date for the two phone interviews, each 1 hour each.

Again, both interviewers were on the DOT, just impressive. I thought i did my best and this time, i didn’t wait that eagerly for the response, because it was right before Thanksgiving and i didn’t expect to hear anything until after the Thanksgiving break.

The Call: The day before Thanksgiving, my phone rings at around 10:30am, it was the recruiter. This time, he didn’t say, “we thought your interview went well, BUT…”. This time, it was “This is xyz, do you have couple of mintues to talk?”. I said, sure and he broke the news that Microsoft is making an offer to me for the SMA position.

Wow, that’s what i said. He started to give the overview of the benefits and asked me if i had any questions. All i could say was, “Right now, i am shocked and shacking.” While he was explaining me the benefits, i heard half of what he said, because i was thinking, My life just changed, just in an instant, just like that. I could not believe that big M has made me an offer. The break that i was looking for is, finally here. Yesterday, i signed my offer letter and i am scheduled to start working for big M on January 16th, 2006.

Few things i would like to say about the recruiters: These were the most professional recruiters i have ever come in contact with and believe me, i have had lots of interviews, ranging from small SEO companies to large companies, like JCPenny. These recruiters have really impressed me so far. In fact, at one point, before my face to face interview, one recruiter actually emailed me and asked me how to correctly pronounce my name. And i thought that was really impressive and that shows that they are paying attention to the detail.

So that’s that. Just counting down the days and now i am waiting to hear from the Relocation Specialist. Hope he/she calls sooner, rather than later, getting little worried here.

Tejas Shah

Update:Β  I’ve created a forum to discuss the experience:Β



I am from Dallas/TX.

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  1. Congratulations! I know exactly how you feel: the shaking, the not believing you’re actually there, the continental breakfast πŸ˜‰ … I just accepted and offer myself with as an SDE and I can’t wait to get started in June! It seems like a lot of people have stories about rejections that turned around, so you’re in good company. Once again, congrats!

  2. I got a phone interview at Microsoft on 20 Jan. It is going to be a position for a fresher from college and on Software Engineering field. Can any of you guys tell me what kinda complexity I can expect from the interviewer?? I am not that experienced in giving interviews, so, can you guys tell me an example of questions that I can expect??

  3. Hey Vik,

    Congratulations on getting interview from Microsoft. I am not sure what kind of questions they might ask you for your phone interview, however, when i was interviewing with them i saw a video on on what kinda of quesetions they can ask you. Although it was a face to face to interview, the video will just give you an idea of interview questions. Also, you might want to read, this blog by Heather Hamilton (, she is one of the recruiters at Microsoft.

    I hope this helps. Good luck with your interview.

    Tejas Shah

  4. Hii,
    I just got called to Redmond, for the “search marketing analyst” interview.

    I was hoping if you could let me know how ur 1st day at the job went πŸ™‚
    + what are the salary/perks that microsoft offers.

    I’d be graduating this may from my college.

    I’d really appreciate your help/input .

  5. Hey Sharad,

    Congratulations on getting a call for on site interview, good luck. Prepare well. Do you know who you are going to interview with?

    My first day at job went well, i will soon post a blog about my first 3 days. I can’t talk about the salary, i guess it all varies from person to person. About the perks, Microsoft offers one of the most competative benefits in the industry. In fact, i think Microsoft’s health benefits are THE BEST, according to the current research. I don’t have link to it, unfortunately.

    You can go here thought:

    Good luck to you for your interview, prepare well. When is your interview?

    Tejas Shah

  6. Hi Tejas,
    Congrats for getting job at Microsoft.
    Just came back from a trip to redmond for an interview for a position of SDET.
    I think I performed decently. I had 6 interviews and lasted from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM. It was fun.
    I have my fingers crossed here and waiting for reply (shud come next week sometime).
    Anyway Just wanted to ask that did they give you any feedback after replying you negatively, first time?



  7. Hey Lav,

    Heyy congratulations on getting through 6 interviews. It was fun, wasn’t it πŸ™‚ I think Microsoft interviews are different in their own way. Anyways, i am sure you will hear from them sooner rather than later, since they had you for an entire day of interviews. But to answer your question, no they did not give me any feedback after saying no to me the first time. In fact, i dind’t ask for it because they were still considering me for another position. But i should have asked them.

    Anyways, think positively and let us all know when you hear something from recruiting. Good luck.


  8. Hi Tejas,

    congratulations…I sent my resume to Microsoft 10 days before and yesterday eve I got a call from Microsoft that they are considiring me for DBA position and also he asked me about my current package and expected then he said your tehephonic interview will happen next week. Currently i am working as a s/w Eng. and having 4 yrs. exp. in MS Technologies so can you please help me out what kind of questions they can ask? because i don’t have DBA knowledge…Now i am preparing SQL DBA level questions.

    Please help if u can.

    Arpan Jain

  9. Hi Tejas,

    congratulations…I sent my resume to Microsoft(Hyderabad-India) 10 days before and yesterday eve I got a call from Microsoft that they are considiring me for DBA position and also he asked me about my current package and expected then he said your tehephonic interview will happen next week. Currently i am working as a s/w Eng. and having 4 yrs. exp. in MS Technologies so can you please help me out what kind of questions they can ask? because i don’t have DBA knowledge…Now i am preparing SQL DBA level questions.

    Please help if u can.

    Arpan Jain

  10. Hi Lav

    Congrat! i had phone interview (my 1st ) with MS on Jan 31, it lasted about 30 min, mostly pseudo tech questions . The tech recruiter told me that he will refer my results to HR and they will follow up. Still i am waiting an answer and preparing for the eventual and dreadfull on site interview. I also appliled for SDET postion too. How hard were the coding part amd did they ask for Testing questions coz i am fresher too.


  11. Hey,

    Congratulations on getting through the phone interview. About the onsite interivews, i think that process is really interesting and how they try to get to real you. About the coding parts in the interview, i am not sure what kind of questions they asked b/c i am in marketing department, so the questions that were asked me were not technical. But you might want to search on for interview questions. Good luck. Keep us updated.


  12. Hi Tejas,

    Congrat! One week ago I signed an offer from MS and also received an email from a company(accuratebackgound) to let me fill online form to do background checking.So far no news from MS. I am wondering how long it will take to do background checking and what signals it is finished successfully. Since I am in Canada, I will take a step to apply for TN visa.



  13. Congratulations Tejas.. good job done there πŸ™‚ !!

    Lav, my question is directed to you..
    I read that you had 6 rounds of interview with Microsoft for an SDET. Can you provide some details on what was aksed and what they are interested in. I am basically from the testing bkground 3 yrs and ur inputs wud help me prepare.


  14. Congratulations Tejas.

    I understand your experience of leaving work to prepare for your telephone interview. I am interviewing for the SMA position and have had two telephone interviews with the recruiter and one with Microsoft. My final interview is scheduled on Good Friday, so I am attempting to dispel my nervousness by preparing myself for the actual interview. Can you please share insight about the SEM position?


  15. Heyy AD,

    Congrulations on getting this far, that is great that you have gotten this far in the process and good luck for your interview on Friday. Let’s see about the SMA position, the group you will be working with is fun to be in, everyone’s helpful and its fun to be at work. For the first month or few weeks, its going to be pretty quite because you will be taking lot of online training. Once you actually start working with the clients, you will get busy.

    I seriously have to be real careful about how i answer questions because last time i heard this post has lot of visibility and plus you are going through the interview process so i have to make sure i don’t give out information i am not supposed to. But one tip i can give you about the interview is that, don’t be nervous, be confident, know your stuff and your resume and be honest. The people who are doing the interview are pretty cool people and they know what they are talking about. Most importantly enjoy the process and the interview, b/c i don’t think there are many companies who have such an extensive interview process, so just have fun and enjoy it. Good luck, let us know how it goes. I hope i have answered your question.


  16. Hi Tejas,

    Congratulations on your job with MSN! It must be very exciting to be part of AdCenter.

    I was hoping you could tell us the name of the recruiting agency that conducted your initial interview. I have been contacted by a recruiter from Kenexa for a position at MSN, but given the article below (and the fact that I haven’t actually submitted a resume for a position at MSN at this point), I am feeling a bit skeptical.

    I would be really interested to know if you submitted a resume directly to MSN or did you have someone from Kenexa call you from out of the blue? While I would love to work for MSN I don’t want to be misled by a recruiter that may not be forthcoming about his motives.


  17. Hey Lullah,

    My apologies for late response have been busy at work. The recruiting firm that first contacted me was Kenexa. So they are not trying to collect information about your clients as the article argues and it is a legitimate recruiting agency. In fact, the interview tips that were given to me by Kenexa recruiter were priceless. It helped me get through the phone and face to face interviews. The tips were pretty simple but they helped me put everything in perspective. The best one was, “Don’t think what will happen once you get into Microsoft. Because you are not in Microsoft yet. Just enjoy the interview process.” So they helped me realize that i should not get ahead of myself.

    Anyways, good luck with your interview if you do decide to interview with Microsoft and yes it is exciting to work for AdCenter πŸ™‚ Do let us know what you decide to do πŸ™‚ Hope this helps. Please let me know if i can assist you with anything. Thanks.


  18. Hi!! I was just up in Redmond a couple weeks ago interviewing for the SMS/SMA positions and I got an offer and I’m probably going to take it in NYC starting in Sept. Since you are a SMA and just started I would LOVE to learn more about your experience thus far and what you’ve been doing etc etc. Anything that you are willing to tell me, I’d love to learn about! You can email me (probably better than replying to this comment) and I’ll get in touch with you then. Thanks!!

  19. Hey Tejas
    I have an interview tomorrow (first) with an Kenexa screener for MSN. I am completing my “homework” as I write. I’ve been an online marketer for several years and have to admit, I have not used MSN or watched their search business so I am feeling as if I should be interviewing with Yahoo or Google for such a position! But anyway, I am gratified that you’ve been happy with your experience.

    How much knowledge of the AdCenter product in particular is necessary in a first interview?

    Martin Nyberg

  20. Hi Tejas,

    Congratulations for your job at MS. Your interview story sounds so much like my own.

    Best of luck and i am sure u are having a great time at MS.

    Welcome aboard!

  21. Hi guys,

    I got a call from Microsoft and was intervierwed for the post of Associate Consultant – MGSI.
    I had two rounds of telephonic interviews on the same day within a span of 2 hours. I thought I did badly during the first round because I was not able to answer some of the questions. That was the technical screening round. Then I got a second call an hour later which seemed to have gone well, cos the lady who took it said “You will be contacted for the next round, all the best”. Its been over a day now and Im wondering if I heard her wrong.. did she say “You will be contacted IF there is another round” …hmmm?!?
    Anyways for you guys who know how it goes, can you tell me how long do they take between each round and how does the 3rd round and onwards go ?
    Would it be wise to mail the corordinator from MS asking about the status of the application? I’d like to know how long is a reasonable wait period before I do that.
    Appreciate your replies people, thanks in advance.


    1. Hello Lewis,

      I don’t know if you got the offer from Microsoft. But I hope you have your career setup with Microsoft or some other companies. I will pray for you. I have an interview with Microsoft Thursday 10th 2010 for the same position you had (Associate Consultant) interview for and I really need interview TIPS from you.. This is going to be my First Phone Interview with Microsoft. I really need help from you. I will really appreciated you if I get this Job I will do anything you say if you could please contact me back via email it would be so nice of you.

      Thank You
      Hari Soni

  22. Disclaimer: All the opinions on this blog are those of mine or person commenting on the post. They do not reflect those of the company i work for in any way.

    Alright πŸ™‚

    Hey Lewis,

    Congratulations on getting interview call from Microsoft. Sorry, i had to put that disclaimer πŸ™‚ To answer your question, in my opinion i think you should wait for maximum of 3-4 days and than i think you should contact the recruiter. I THINK, the reason it could take them long time to get back to you could be because they are trying to work with lots of people’s schedule, so it kinda gets difficult. These people (recruiters) are professionals, so they want to get everything right. But for now, just wait for few more days and than you might want to contact your recruiter. I hope this helps. Good luck with your interviews, stay positive πŸ™‚


  23. Hey Tejas!
    I really liked the way you wrote abt the interview experience. I had a phone screen for PM position couple of days back n waitin to hear back from them. BTW, how do you like your job so far? ?

  24. Hey RD,

    I hope your phone screen went well. To answer your question, i just passed my 5 month anniversery at Microsoft. It went by soooo quickly, it doesn’t feel like 5 months, i feel like i just started because something is always changing, which is a good thing. It makes your work not so routine. But after 5 months, i enjoy working here. Each morning i wake up and i’m like, ok i’m going to work for one of the best company in the world. It has not been like, “oh crap, i gotta go to work.”, so i’m glad. Microsoft knows how to treat its people and change keeps things exciting and challenging. So there you go πŸ™‚

    Good luck with rest of your interview process. Do let us know how it turns out. Stay positive.


  25. Hi ,
    I am fresher and I will be graduating in may 2007. I am having 1st round of phone interview with microsoft on 2nd october 2006. They had mailed me saying that it would be fully technical. Also, they had asked me to have access to phone and internet connection simultaneously. It seems that the interviewer would ask me to code and test my ability.
    I am comfortable with java. But in the resume I had even mentioned C++ which I had done long back in my undergrad. Please tell me what kind of technical questions can I expect and how to convice the interviewer about my resume.

  26. Hi Teja,

    This is Seena, How do i get Call from Microsoft , I have over 1 years of Experience in .Net. I would like to have the interview most probably on the next year . What should i need to do. And the other thing is , I am from India

  27. Hello Tejas

    That was a fantastic description of your job interview – It is really inspiring for everyone – because not many can write up the entire experience so vividly. Congratulations and Welcome Aboard πŸ™‚


  28. Hi Tejas,

    Im doing my masters right now in Italy in IT and i have been selected for a phone interview which is in 2 days frm now. i was told that they want to know my goals, aspirations, technical interests n knowledge so that they can invite me for in person interviews….I dont really have that much of interviewing experience…I would really appreciate if i get some tips on what they could be asking…..and wat they would be looking for!!

    thankss ..

  29. Hi Tejas,

    That was a good description bout ur interview..I have been selected for a phone interview which is in 2 days frm now. i was told that they want to know my goals, aspirations, technical interests n knowledge so that they can invite me for in person interviews….I dont really have that much of interviewing experience…I would really appreciate if i get some tips on what they could be asking…..and wat they would be looking for!!

    thankss ..

  30. Hi Teja/ Neha,

    I also got such a call. The recruiter told that she shall confirm through email. I have not recieved any email. But I wonder what they are looking for.


  31. Hello Neha/Nats,

    Neha, I hope your interview went well, please keep us informed of your interview process, let us know what you think of the interview process and any tips/tricks for other readers.

    So what are they looking for?
    This is only my opinion: They are searching your passion for the technology/industry. When they hire someone at Microsoft they are not only hiring someone for one group but they are looking to hire someone who can fit in any group at Microsoft. Just be truthful about your skills and who you are. If you try to fake through something, they will find out one way or another. These interviewers are smart people, believe me, i work with them day in and day out.

    So in summary, just know who you are, know your resume inside out, be confident. Good luck.


  32. Hi,

    I am going to have telephone interview and recruiter asked me that I should have access to internet connection and Live Meeting.

    Could you plz provide me the tips how to prepare for the interview? and what they gonna ask me in that?

    I am told that the interview may last for 45 minutes.


  33. Thanks for the insight, Tejas. I found this site while doing some research to prep for my interview last Friday out in Redmond and your advice helped a lot (I’m also in the SEM field).

    I think the visit to Redmond went well, or at least I hope so! I got a call yesterday with the news that they’d like to set me up with one more phone interview for this coming Friday, so I’d imagine I’ll get the final verdict sometime next week. I’m just trying to stay positive — so far so good!

  34. Hello Tina,

    That is great. I wish you all the best and please let us know of the final verdict when you find out πŸ™‚


  35. Tejas,

    Hey I came across your post today, number 6 when you search ‘Microsoft Inteview’ on google.

    I just had my onsite interview on Thursday for a program managament position. I think it went well on the whole, although the last one was ugly. I was so dead by that time I couldn’t even form a complete sentence. It was a fun day but 8 to 5:30 is really brutal. After talking to people on the team and the group manager I’m even more jazzed about the position. Supposed to hear back by Monday, making this weekend rough.

  36. Just popping in with an update… I got the call yesterday with an offer, which I accepted. I don’t have a start date yet, but I’d imagine it will be sometime in early March… thanks again for the interview advice and maybe we’ll bump into each other over the next few months!

  37. Hey Tina,

    That is great news. Congratulations πŸ™‚ Let me be the second one (first one probably was your recruiter) to welcome you to Microsoft. That is great πŸ™‚

    I hope you enjoy working at Microsoft as much as i have. Take care.


  38. Hi Tejas,
    I have an interview for the Search Media Strategist position this coming Friday in the NY office. Is there anything specific that you recommend I review before the interview? Do they give us various problems to solve during the interview?

  39. Hey Dmitry,

    Sorry for the late response. i was on a client trip and i have been really busy. So i can’t tell you anything specific for obvious reasons. All i can tell you is just be yourself, be confident, know your resume inside out and you’ll be fine. Let us know how your interivew goes.

    Good luck πŸ™‚


  40. Hi Tejas,

    Looks like we’ll be working together in Redmond soon. I’ve accepted an offer with Microsoft for the Search Marketing Specialist role in Redmond (Dec 1st, 2006). However, I have not yet started due to Visa issues (I’m Canadian). How do you like it so far?

    This has definitely been the most exciting, but at the same time, the most stressful experience of my life because I haven’t been able to celebrate or tell anyone (for over two months) because the offer is conditional to my Visa approval (and this Visa approval is totally out of my control). Both my personal and professional lives are in limbo right now. This Visa process that usually only takes 2-3 week has taken over 8 weeks!! I’m not sure what’s going to happen about the Visa, but one thing is sure: I’m still extremely excited about the role, the company, and the team.

    Do you know anyone that’s in (or has been) in the same boat?

    PS: I laughed pretty hard when I read you first post because I went through the same emotional roller-coaster ride (interviewing process to offer stage)!!

  41. Hey LFP,

    Congratualtions on getting into Microsoft, welcome aboard πŸ™‚ It has been a year since i have started and it has been blast. Doesn’t even feel like year has gone by, because things are always changing so its not boring you know? But its very busy too.

    About the Visa issue, don’t worry it’ll process. Yeah i know this co-worker who has almost the same issue. Let me know when the visa issue is solved and when you find out your starting date.

    Interview process can be stressful but at the end of the day, its amazing process, at least to me. So in your opinion, did it make sense that i did not put up actual interview questions on the blog posting?

    Congratulations again and welcome aboard.


  42. Hey Tejas,

    I hear that it’s very busy in the group so can I just imagine how busy it must be for you… Well, hopefully I’ll be able to help with the workload soon!

    Yeah, good call on not posting the interview questions as the interviewing/screening process needs to remain objective/fair for everyone. I think everyone would also agree that it would be unethical for a “Microsoft Employee” to post interview questions on a blog. I agree with your decision as I would have done the same.

    As for the start date, we’re aiming for March so my fingers are crossed. Is your co-worker (that had the Visa problem) Canadian, eh? Just wondering if it was the same issue (for a TN Visa).


  43. Hey,

    Great. What would you like to see more of on the blog? Like what helped you?

    That co-worker of mine is not from Canada. If you want more info, we can talk about it offline.

    Again, Congratulations and welcome aboard.


  44. Hmmm… feedback on your blog. Let’s see… I think your blog is great. I like the fact that it’s focused more on the “marketing” side of Microsoft as opposed to the “technical” side ie. (technical careers blog). Another good thing is that I can feel your “passion” when I read the content (which is key). The only thing I would add is perhaps a “personal Bio” and more photos to personalize it (but this is subjective).

    I’ll be starting a blog once I officially get my “VISA” (have a few “themes” in mind). Speaking of VISA, I have a call with MS Legal today to discuss “next steps”. Hopefully it will all be wrapped-up by Friday (or next week at the latest). I’m sooooo anxious to start!!!


  45. Hi Tejas,

    I found this blog while doing research for the SEM positions at MSN. It’s been very informative so far as I am trying to go through the interview process. Is there any other advice you would give to someone who just started the interview process (had first phone screen with a recruiter)? My big worry is that they won’t move me through the process because I only have a little over 2 years of SEM experience and that was almost 2 years ago at another job. Since then I’ve been very active in the marketing industry but have been focusing more on direct marketing. I still believe that I meet most if not all of the qualifications on the job description and know that if I get a chance to talk to a MSN recruiter then I can wow them with my overall marketing experience and skills, my personality and my desire to join the MSN team. Hopefully they can look past my lack of recent SEM experience and still consider me for the job!

    So, I wanted to ask you a couple questions about the actual job now that you’ve been there for over a year. What is the group like who you work with in NY? Is it a younger group? Is it fun going to work everyday? What are some of the biggest surprises that you’ve seen since working at MSN that you didnt’ expect? What types of projects do you work on every day? Thanks for all the help and the inspiration! I’m hoping to be able to join your team someday in the near future.


  46. Hi Tejas,

    Could you please give an idea on the kind of questions that would be asked for marketing positions in Microsoft?


  47. Hey JR,

    Sorry i’m late in responding to your post, i didn’t get an email about your comment for some reason. Its great that you have SEM and marketing experience. I also like your enthusiasm, keep it up.

    So let met see if i can answer your question one by one:
    1) What is the group like who you work with in NY?
    Group is awesome, imagine working with some of the best and brightest people in the industry. It’s also challenging and its not boring, to me that is the best part. I don’t directly work with NY team, excpet on some V-team projects. You’ll learn about diff teams once you join MSN.

    2) Is it a younger group?
    You know it. Its awesome, we have combination of both, we some college hires and we have people with lot of experience, who are young at heart.

    3) Is it fun going to work everyday?
    Yes it is. Best part is, things are constantly changing since we are new group, so expect things to keep changing.

    4) What are some of the biggest surprises that you’ve seen since working at MSN that you didnt’ expect?
    Great question. hmm, let’s see first of all, i didn’t think i’d make it here πŸ™‚ hehe… hm, you don’t realize how big this company is until you go explore it. Also, people are nice here, but also very competitive, which is expected. One thing that surprised me was, even though this is a large organization, its amazing how they have thought of everything. Its crazy, how they have paid attention to the smallest detail, kinda cool.

    5) What types of projects do you work on every day?
    I work on top secret projects. No i’m just kidding πŸ™‚ It is mostly client work and there are other side projects/V-teams that i am part of, which are fun. For obvious reasons, can’t go into much detail, hope you understand.

    Please let me know if i can answer any other general questions and good luck with your interview process.


  48. Hello Dhivya,

    That’s a cool way to spell your name.
    So, i am not actually sure what kind of questions they would be asking you for marketing position. Also, i can’t go into detail of what types of interview questions they’d be asking you πŸ™‚

    Like i have i said in the previous posts, just know your resume inside out, be confident and most importantly enjoy the process.

    Good luck.


  49. Hello Tejas

    This is Sendhil, On 13th March I will be facing an interview(Telephonic) from Microsoft It will be technical one (Dot net Developer) can you please help me how should I prepare

    Any help will be nice

    M Sendhil Vel

  50. Hello M Sendhil Vel,

    Congratulations on getting a phone interview from Microsoft.
    Unfortunately i do not have any information about technical interviews that are being held at Microsoft, however, you might want to check out:

    also check out cool videos on Channel9:

    Good luck.


  51. Hi Tejas,

    First of all, thanks so much for your responses to my questions. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer them and give some advice for those of us going through the interview process. After reading your answers on what the job and team are like, it makes me even more excited about the opportunity to join you on your team!

    I also wanted to update you on my interview process. I had my 3rd phone interview today. My first was with the Kenexa recruiter a couple weeks ago. The second was with a Microsoft HR person last week and today’s interview was with a member of the adCenter team.

    The interview lasted about 30 minutes. I was asked many questions about my SEM experience and also my client management experience. I felt like I answered the questions well but just didn’t have a good read on what the interviewer thought of me. Kind of reminded me of how you described your 2nd phone interview (with being nervous and thinking you blew it). I’m just going to remain positive and hope for the best!

    After the phone interview, I sent a thank you email to the Microsoft employee who interviewed me. He said that he would talk to the HR recruiter who originally spoke to me and she would get back to me with their feedback.

    I’m very excited about the opportunity to join the growing adCenter team. I forgot to mention to you in my first post that I am interviewing for a Media Specialist position at the Redmond office and not the NY office. I believe there’s a lot I could contribute to the team and the opportunity to work with and learn from all of you would be fantastic!

    Well, if you have any other advice to give to me at this point in the interview process, I’d appreciate it. Otherwise, have a great weekend, and I’ll definitely keep you posted on what happens next!

    ~JR (Justin)

  52. Hi Tejas,

    A telephonic interview with a staffing consultant has been scheduled for me. Can you tell me what kind of interview would the first one be? Would it be technical? Since its a staffing consultant, would it be very general ?

    Any suggestion/advise/help will of immense help to me.

    Thanks in advance,

  53. Hey Tejas,
    Came across your blog when searching for information on TN visa. I have been offered a position in a marketing role too (though not at Microsoft) and am having issues with the TN visa. Wondering if you might be able to share some information about how the problem got resolved. I turned down other offers to accept this offer and now I am in a bind.

  54. Hello Tejas,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I had an interview with Microsoft at Redmond for the position of SDET last week. I went through the same thing like you did. It was a humbling and exciting experience for me. I think I have done my best, but it’s really up to the interviewers to decide. I am just wondering how long did the recruiter take to inform you the result.
    I am still in the middle of waiting for their feedback. Little bit worried here…

    Thanks a lot,

  55. Hello everyone,

    my apologies i have not responded to anyone’s post in longest time.

    JR – congratulations on getting through the interview process and good luck.
    Raja – I guess it depends on which position you are interviewing for, so if it is technical position, i would assume it would somewhat technical interview – but this is just my guess.
    Cangirl – i’m sorry i don’t know what TN visa is.
    Helen – My recruiter took almost a week to inform me of the decision. Stay positive.



  56. Hi Tejas:

    I have been called for a Microsoft Onsite interviews for the position of Global Supply Chain Planner. I read your exp and atleast it gave me a headstart of what I can expect to happen. But what is killing me is what will they ask me? I am just reading good books that relate to my background and am brushing up of what I have done till now. Is there anything particular that I need to take care? Please advise. If possible mail me.



  57. hi tejas

    i am currently looking for a opening at microsoft India, can you please let help me out in submitting my resume to the relevant HR?


  58. Hi Tejas,
    Congrats for getting job at Microsoft.
    Just came back from a trip to redmond for an interview for a position of Software developer
    I think I performed good I had 3 interviews and lasted from 10 AM to 4 PM. It was fun.
    waiting for reply (shud come next week sometime).
    Anyway Just wanted to ask that did u had an unschedule interview with hiring manager at the last stage of interview and how important is that ,if it does’t happen then wat r cases ?


  59. Hi Teja,
    Great to read your blog…

    I have total of 13 years experince in IT…

    I received an interview call from MS based on a referral by my friend. I was interviewed by a Developer evengelist (Telephonic) which went really well and based on that i got another call from Director of Tech Engmt partner (Telephonic again!) which also went well but due to sudden illness i could not attend the f-2-f call which was set on the same due and have requested my recruiter to postpone the f-2-f interview for next two weeks…

    Two weeks 1/2 have passed, i have asked my MS friend (Who referred me) whether i should get back to the recruiter now but he advised me to wait as he is saying that due to my inability to attend the f-2-f call, my last round (Guess so!!) or a possible offer (Hope so… Gods willing) has been put in a pipeline as other potential candidates who probably have got the job are are in waiting for their final call…

    Do you think i have done the right thing by not approching the Recruiter…

    My friend does have access to the feedback on my interview and have assured me that my interviews (Till now) went well…and that i am surely going to get the offer…

    It is since 9th of July, i am still waiting to hear from MS,

    What is you suggestion to speed things up…

  60. Hi Teja,

    I am very excited after reading this blog.

    I am having around 4 years of IT experience.

    I am through in all rounds of microsoft.Recuriter called me and said we will be releasing the offer.

    But it was almost 4 days and no body turned up.

    Please let me know if i call Recruiter abt the status of the interview.

    I am still wating to hear from MS.

    What is you suggestion to speed things up

  61. hey there
    this is tugrul from Istanbul/Turkey
    3 days ago i got this email from ms which i sent my resume almost a year ago.they didn’t forgot:)
    she was asking me if i can make a phone interview.
    and i replied yes.
    but no confirmation has come up.
    interview supposed to be this night(istanbul/turkey)
    is it usual to not to receive confirmation email ?

  62. I had a technical and HR round of interviews. HR guy said they would schedule an onsite interview and get back to me. Wondering how long would this take?


  63. Congrats Tejas, by now you might have already got accustomed to MSFT work place. It is nice to know about interviews, lets also look at the negative aspects of interviews and give people some heads up !

    One thing which is really disheartening about MSFT is when we apply for a particular role/position we will be interviewed for something else.

    For example: I had applied for a SD position and when i went for an interview on campus there were several rounds of interviews which was based on networking and so on. I do not think the first 3-4 interviewers are really good on that basis, it is not well planned also. Could anyone throw more light into this. Please let your recruiter managers know about the same so that it will not happen again with many of us.

    And also the campus inside itself, looks like a dungeon, MSFT is such a big company and how come they dont maintain their cabins well, it dint smell good and no fresh air.

    I feel like re-considering abt MSFT when it comes to such things.

  64. hi

    iam a graduate…..i want to join in the mirosoft group….ofcoure each and every individual might have this deram regarding a job in mirosoft….but atually my aim is diffrent that…i have some ideas to develop some produts….that which can be done only in microsoft…and it will be very benifitial to the company……so i just required a chance to present my self ….can you please help me regarding this….can please tell me how an i write my views to microsoft and how an i contact r team……

  65. hi

    iam a graduate…..i want to join in the mirosoft group….ofcoure each and every individual might have this deram regarding a job in mirosoft….but atually my aim is diffrent that…i have some ideas to develop some produts….that which can be done only in microsoft…and it will be very benifitial to the company……so i just required a chance to present my self ….can you please help me regarding this….can please tell me how an i write my views to microsoft and how an i contact r team….


  66. Hi ,
    First of all i would like to congratulate for bagging a position in MS.Could u please let me know what is the eligibility criteria(academics Percentage) that one needs to satisfy just to apply for a job in Microsoft?Is there any such criteria involved?
    It would be very helpful if u could let me know about this since i am a great aspirant of MS.

    than u,

  67. Hi Guys,

    Congrats to one and all who has already joined Microsoft.. Kudos to all of you….

    I am now working hard to get a place there…Can you guys have any suggestions for me what is the right track,,,,I am a programmer so what are the things i need to concentrate..I have heaard they emphasis more on Data Stuctures and all..

    Thank you

  68. Hi tejas,

    Thanks for the useful page.I have a face to face interview for SDET position in MS India.Howz the interview process in India and how different it is from the one in US.

  69. Hi there,

    I have a telephone interview today at 5pm London time. Its for a position at the Head Quarters in Reading, UK. I had spoken with teh recruiter yesterday, amazed that is was actually Microsoft calling me! The position is for Internal Sales Account Manager. I have prepared for the interview, by reading thru the job description and finding examples from my current role which I could talk about within the interview. I am still very nervous, as I am not very sure what type of questions I will be asked.
    Any thoughts or advice??



  70. Hi everyone,

    I have got a call from Microsoft for the intern position and I have a very little experience of 1 year, its a 30 min interview in my university(probably live)

    What things should I take note of?

    Any technical lead type question you want to mention will be really helpful


    Hi Nina
    Are u from University of Reading London?


  71. Hi everyone,

    I have got a call from Microsoft for the intern position and I have a very little experience of 1 year, its a 30 min interview in my university(probably live)

    What things should I take note of?

    Any technical lead type question you want to mention will be really helpful


    Hi Nina
    Are u from University of Reading London?


  72. Hello Nina,

    Just prepare well for the interview, be prepared to think outside of the box, ask questions and of course answer questions πŸ™‚ I can’t specify what type of questions they might ask you, but just be yourself and be confident. You’ll do great. Good luck πŸ™‚


  73. Hello Tejas

    I am done with my interview and I am hoping best, but I dont know when they will get the results out and send me a call.

    I will keep my process notified here


  74. Hello,

    I got a interview call from Microsoft for SDE/T position. I am so nervous. What will they ask and stuff.
    Do anyone know what type of questions they ask. Wat to prepare for the interview?
    Your help is really appreciated.


  75. Hi Tejas,

    This is ranjeet here, i just want to ask what is eligibility criteria for MSN ?
    i have done diploma in engineering & currently appeared for part-time BE, i have 4 yers of hardcore technical exp. in IS with india’s leading software firm.
    so am i eligible for interview at MSN if i place my canditature ?
    request you to kindly advice…..

  76. great dude congratulation! I have my Phone interview with the big M on Dec 8th. Really hoping for the best but slightly nervous!

  77. hi Tejas:
    this is Cissy.
    i just saw your post today, because i was looking for useful MS interview tips online.
    fortunitely, i found your post.
    i am not sure if you are still in MS, since it has been more than three years after you posted this article.
    i will have an interview with MS adcenter next Monday.
    And I really need your help on interview tips.
    if you see this post, would you please send me an email at x0yang07@louisville. edu.
    i may have some detailed questions to ask which it might be better to ask in an email.
    thank you in advance about your help
    i really look forward to hearing from you.
    good luck on everything.

  78. Hi Tajes,

    You are doing good job with sharing your exp with us! its hard to see/read more about MS in net(may be COC).
    I have applied for the position of test consultant last week and cleared two round of tech interview,i had 4 hour of hands on where i could not do well in one part of the task,rest was ok,MS guy said this is not the only criteria to select or reject and he said see you AGAIN…but soon after the HR said that we will contact you over phone..i am not sure how positive i should take it…or should i consider “i will contact you through pohone” as YOU are not selected 😦


  79. HI Tejas

    First of all Tejas I belive its been years but your story seems to be so fresh and it was like I was living the day and Yes I want to say its my dream to work with MS but dont know how it will happen.

    Gud Luck

  80. Hi Guys !!!

    I was appeared for the online interview test with MGSI hyderabad.
    So i want to know what is the procedure for the interview after that and what is the
    eligible criteria for the online interview test??

    If i was selected then should i move towards the MGSI hyderabad ??


  81. Hey guys,

    I have an on-site interview scheduled with MS for the role of Associate Consultant. Can somebody tell me about their interview experience.

    1. Hi Tejas,

      Great work dude.
      We in injhternet world can be so informative with such wonderful experiences shared for all at a virtual clikc.

      I recently underwent all rounds and the final director round for the MGSI division. How long does it genuinely take for the results of the final round to comne up?
      Would anyone really come up iwth their experience of the same please ?

      1. Hi viplav,

        I have director’s interview in next 2days..

        Can you please let me know some tips to clear that?
        You got your results?

  82. Hi,
    I have a second round interview with MS for an associate consultant position. Any tips on what kind of questions I can expect?

  83. HAI ,
    congratulations…i a deepika. i am doing my B.Tech.(final year). last month i have attended an off-campus conducted by microsoft in andhra pradesh. from around 500 members, they have short-listed 10 students. i am lucky to be one of them.i have got a phone call today from microsoft(hyderabad), they asked me to attend an interview on 20th december..i just have 15 days. can u please tell me how the procedure will be or else how the questions will be. i mean on what topics the questions will be asked..thanq..awaiting u’r reply

  84. Hello,

    I got a interview call from Microsoft for SDE/T position. I have 6 years of IT exp in c++,c# development, What will they ask and stuff.
    Do anyone know what type of questions they ask. Wat to prepare for the interview?
    Your help is really appreciated.


  85. I don’t leave a comment, but after looking at a bunch of comments on this page Microsoft Interview | “Limitations are self created” – My Views. I do have 2 questions for you if it’s okay.

    Is it just me or do some of these remarks come
    across like they are left by brain dead visitors? πŸ˜› And,
    if you are posting at additional places, I would like to keep up with everything
    new you have to post. Would you make a list of every one of your social pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

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    I acquire actually loved account your weblog posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing to your augment or even I success you get entry to persistently rapidly.

  87. Hi,

    I done with microsoft onsite interview for SAP position, Interviews went well but no response even after 3.5 weeks, sent 3 mails to the recruiter but no response, any idea what would be the situation? Am I going get offer or not? do I need to wait for some more time or proceed with other offers?

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